Commercial Solar LIPA Rebate

Let Eldor Renewable Energy, Long Island's leader in the construction of large-scale solar photovoltaic installations, show you why solar is a smart business investment.

With a 40-year history of performance as one of Long Island’s largest and most experienced electrical construction firms, Eldor knows how to address the complex technical and economic considerations that separate commercial installations from basic residential systems. We know how to optimize a system to match your company’s operational and financial goals.

Eldor can help you finance your upfront equipment costs and realize an immediate positive cash flow at the end of the first tax cycle.

Energy self-sufficiency substantially increases the value of your property.

It’s a capital improvement you can make today at a bargain price. When you consider all of the incentives, your actual investment will represent only a fraction of your system’s true cost. And that’s before factoring in 20 or more years of free electricity.

Depending on your company’s energy needs and the size of the installation, a solar system can supply all or a portion of your energy needs. Produce more than you need and PSEGLI will credit you for it.

Increase your visibility as an environmentally responsible company.

Going solar not only builds good will in your community, it provides a brand-building tool that can become part of your public relations and marketing efforts.

Many of America’s largest companies have made solar energy a corporate priority: Target, Wal-Mart, Kimberly-Clark and Kohl’s, to name just a few. Isn’t it time your company joined them in turning sunlight into money?

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