Commercial Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic energy benefits and incentives.

The benefits of solar photovoltaic energy are widely understood and accepted as a critical element in our nation’s energy future. Using sunlight to produce power helps to reduce our consumption of diminishing fossil fuel resources and our dependence on foreign suppliers. It also forestalls the need to build additional power generating facilities to meet growing demands. Solar power energy is a national priority and, as such, provides very real, specific benefits for commercial businesses, municipalities, and homeowners.

The benefits of solar energy systems are similar for commercial, municipal, not-for-profit, and residential installations:

  • Help protect the environment while reducing your own carbon footprint
  • Immediately reduce your monthly utility bills and, in many cases, sell excess energy back to the utility through net metering
  • Protect your business or home from rising energy costs
  • Qualify for rebates and federal/state tax credits

Solar power rebate and tax credit incentive programs provide the dual benefit of largely subsidizing a valuable capital improvement to your property while helping you to “prepay” your energy costs for 25 years or longer!

Specific programs will vary from state-to-state and between utility companies. Program details may also differ between commercial, municipal, not-for-profit, or residential customers, and whether yours is a solar or wind installation. Eldor will help you understand the programs available to you, determine the actual cost to you of installing a solar powered or wind powered generating system, and project the savings you can achieve through your investment.

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