Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Renewable Energy Systems: An investment in the future that pays dividends today.

As a company, we have made renewable energy a priority. We are committing an increasing share of our resources and our growth to the integration of clean, sustainable energy sources into the power grid. We see this as an investment in the future – both for our company and the nation as a whole. Renewable energy can also be a good investment for your business or your home – not in the future, but right now.

Solar power and wind power provide both commercial businesses and homes with reliable, sustainable alternatives to energy produced by nuclear or fossil-fueled generating facilities. Harvesting your own power from renewable sources can substantially reduce or eliminate your electricity bills, and possibly produce income through selling excess electricity back to the utility. Renewable energy benefits the utility as well, because it helps to reduce overall demand and fuel costs while forestalling the need to construct costly new power generating facilities. It’s a win for you…a win for the utilities…and a win for the environment and the futures of our children.

Not surprisingly, federal and state governments have instituted incentive programs to encourage investment in solar energy installations. This provides both businesses and homeowners with a unique opportunity to substantially increase the value of their facilities or homes with a capital improvement paid for, in large part, by the government. Few investments, if any, can produce dividends on that scale.

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